Varkala Yoga Sala

औम् स्रि गुरवे नमः

Yoga means union with the Divine. Beyond body, mind and emotions, man has a real nature that is peace or bliss.


Yoga shows the way to realize this truth for every individual. A person is not limited with his individual ego or emotional mind. He or she has a great capacity to use and utilize his/her inner potential force.


Every yoga system is focusing to tap this inner force in order to realize one's real nature and enjoy bliss. However you need to start from a system which is suitable for you.


Omji Yoga promotes an authentic hatha yoga system that is suitable for all individuals. Our aim is beyond doing some physical postures, but to make every practitioner a spiritual seed for fullfilling your goal in life, and to help others from your experince.


Everything and everyone is connected each other with cosmic force. Nothing is seperated. You only need to realize this truth. As Swami Vivekanada said, "Arise Awake and stop not untill the goal is reached."


Hari Om Tat Sat.